Lance Armstrong's COLOR CODING DNA®
Lance Armstrong does it. Some believe that he is superhuman; while others
insist that he uses performance enhancement drugs. Is there something in the
foundation of Armstrong’s makeup that allows him to perform at such a high
level consistently?

So what is it that gives Lance his unique competitive edge? Greg Herzog, a
former sub four minute miler and conditioning specialist in New York City
and Ridgefield CT for over 25 years, has worked with competitive athletes,
as well as individuals from the ages 5-94, and has made studying human
performance his life’s work. This extensive experience led to the
development of “AXIS CORE®”, a mathematical equation to predict and
change behavior, as well as a Quantum Reaction Theory: COLOR CODING
DNA®, to help better understand the foundation of the makeup of an
individual in regard to performance. Herzog believes he has broken the code
of Lance Armstrong’s-foundation for his performance with the above
painting and is donating the proceeds to cancer.

“According to Ed Coyle, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at
the University of Texas at Austin “Armstrong clearly has some great
genetic advantages.” His oversized heart can beat over 200 times a minute
and thus pump an extraordinarily large volume of blood and oxygen to his
legs. His VO2 max—the maximum amount of oxygen his lungs can take in,
an important measurement for an endurance athlete—is extremely high.
But other elite athletes have similarly powerful hearts and lungs. Instead,
Coyle says, smarter training may have contributed to giving Armstrong an
edge over his competitors. Armstrong was able to increase his muscle
efficiency by 8 percent through hard and dedicated training. Coyle says
Armstrong is the only human who has been shown to change his muscle
"It was believed that muscle efficiency is something you're born with, that
you can't change," Coyle said. "But we've documented that Armstrong has
indeed changed it while training intensely."

“Sports scientists agree that Armstrong is one of the most disciplined and
focused athletes in the world” He was on top of the cycling world because
of the combination and interaction of his genetic endowment, years of
incredible training, competitive experience, and obsessive drive to achieve
and persevere," said Phillip B. Sparling, a professor of applied physiology
at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.”

Mr. Herzog believes that although Armstrong is genetically gifted, it is his
personality traits and ability to channel pain that really make the difference.

Above painting, is of Lance Armstrong’s COLOR CODING DNA® and the traits that he possess
as the foundation of his makeup for performance.

Information obtained from article:
“The Science of Lance Armstrong: Born, and Built, to Win”
Stefan Lövgren
for National Geographic News
Armstrong’s COLOR CODING DNA Painted For Cancer.
“What would an individual or company look like if they
were represented by a color or a series of colors?”

We know what people look like in human form, on MRIs and brain scans,
but what would they look like if they were represented by color?

To answer this question, Greg Herzog created a Quantum Reaction Theory using a
geometric mathematical equation, where X # of points represent the foundation of the  
makeup of an individual and each degree of expression within the context of each point is
color coded and weighted accordingly.

Below is Lance Armstrong’s COLOR CODING DNA®
key for the colors used in the painting.

& Analytical


Thorough &

Friendly &
"Lt Blue"

& Original

Clear Thinker



Painting by Greg Herzog
Lance Armstrong-COLOR CODING DNA

1.        Gray                 Methodical and Analytical

2.        Tan                   Serious-minded

3.        Gray                 Thorough and Efficient

4.        White               Friendly and Outgoing

5.        Lt Blue             Inventive and Original

6.        Bronze             Strong sense of ethics

7.        Yellow             Clear thinker

8.        Pink                 Personal freedom

9.        Blue                 Humanitarian

10.      Tan                   Service

Strong sense
of ethics
Lance Armstrong Color Coding DNA Painting
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