“What would an individual or subject look like if they
were represented by a color or a series of colors?”

We know what people look like in human form, on MRIs and brain scans,
but what would they look like if they were represented by color?

To answer this question, Greg Herzog created a Quantum Reaction Theory using a
geometric mathematical equation, where X# of points represent the makeup of a subject and
each degree of expression within the context of each point is color coded and weighted

Below is Kate Middleton's and Prince William's COLOR CODING DNA®
key for the colors used in the Royal Wedding  painting.
Royal Wedding 2011 Prince William, Kate Middleton, Painting by Greg Herzog


Quick & Agile

Fair- Minded


Friendly &
"Light Blue"


& Shy







Public Life




Warm &

Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding 2011  
Prince William's Royal Wedding 2011  
2011 now seems most likely Option for Royal Wedding

William and Kate are said to be reluctant to marry in 2012. The wedding would compete with the London Olympics and the Queen’
s Diamond Jubilee. The following year, 2013, has been ruled out as “unlucky”. That leaves 2011 as the most likely option for
William and Kate. Palace officials have earmarked next year’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand as the perfect “honeymoon” for
the new princess

Prince William
It’s official: Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in 2011 – They became Engaged in October
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.” With this official
press release, Clarence House announced today that Prince William, second in line to the throne, will marry Kate Middelton in
2011, the year that would have been the 30th anniversary of his parents’ wedding. It was also revealed that the couple became
secretly engaged in October during their holiday in Kenya

The next Royal Wedding in 2011

The Royal Wedding will take place on Friday 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey, London.

Prime Minister David Cameron, a big fan of Royal weddings, called it “a happy and momentous occasion” and announced it would
be marked by a Royal Bank Holiday.

Royal Wedding 2011  Details

Clarence House has confirmed that the Royal Couple will return to Buckingham Palace after a service at Westminster Abbey.

"We know that the world will be watching on April 29, 2011 and the couple are very, very keen indeed that the spectacle should
be a classic example of what Britain does best," Mr Lowther-Pinkerton said.

The Queen will hold a 2011 Royal Wedding Reception for the couple and their guests.  Followed by a private dinner dance, for
close family and friends, hosted by The Prince of Wales.

Kate Middleton will arrive at Westminster Abbey by car.  The service, which is to take place at 11am on Friday 29 April, will be
conducted by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Royal Wedding Gifts

William and Kate ask for Donations instead of Wedding Gifts

Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you weren’t sure what to give to a future king, who probably has everything – there is some relief: Prince William and Kate
Middleton have set up the Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton Charitable Gift Fund, asking well-wishers to donate
money instead of gifts. The money will then go to a number of causes that the couple has carefully chosen. Most of them were not
well known so far, but the couple thinks they deserve more attention.

Who Made the Royal Wedding 2011 Guest List?

Since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced they were getting married this spring, a host of celebs have been begging for
an invite to the wedding. P Diddy, JLS and Nicole Scherzinger have expressed their desire to attend the celebration. Peter Andre
and Serbian Crown Prince Alexander II even claim they already are on the list. The Sun reports that the guest list will be 5.000
Names long, and will include 2.000 close friends and 3.000 politicians, public figures and foreign dignitaries, who are selected by
the Lord Chamberlain’s Office.

The Royal Couple is reported to limit invites to family, friends and people playing a direct part in their public and private lives, so
stars like Sir Paul McCartney and Dame Helen Mirren will most probably not be on the list.

David Beckham and Prince William first got to know each other when they were both in South Africa for the World Cup. The
friendship must have stuck; David and Victoria Beckham are on the guest list. Kanye West has also been invited. The Prince is
reportedly a huge fan of the singer. Another famous singer who made the list is Sir Elton John, who sang "Candle In the Wind" at
Princess Diana's

Celebrities who really are invited should avoid bragging because it is rumored that William and Kate plan to disinvite guests
when they issue the invites for their big day. Clarence House said the royals wont provide a running commentary on who would
be invited to one of the year’s biggest social occasions.

It was however confirmed that Buckingham Palace is in communication informally with the wider royal family, and “notifications”
have been sent out to keep the date free. But it was added that these notifications are not formal invites.

ABCNews has learned that invitations to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton went out from the Lord
Chamberlain’s office on Thursday. Most of the guests already know that they are invited because they received the save-the-date
fax from the Queen. The Daily Mail reports that the 1,800 invitees will receive a “traditional, gold-embossed handwritten

It was announced that Sweden's heir to the throne, Crown Princess Victoria and her new commoner-turned-prince husband Daniel
will be at Westminster Abbey. The newlyweds are set to celebrate their first anniversary on June 19th.
Fellow Scandanivian royals King Harald (who's a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth) and Queen Sonja of Norway have also
accepted their invitations.

The latest word is that Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and his vivacious wife Princess Maxima will represent the Netherlands at
the royal wedding

Although it's been reported in the Danish and Australian press that Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
(who was Australian before her marriage, and who gave birth to twins in January) have not been invited, my royal contacts tell
me otherwise, and so we'll be seeing them at the wedding alongside Queen Margrethe, and her husband Prince Henrik.

Others who will opt out of the wedding include King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain, who has declined his invitation

Royal  Wedding Dress

Niemierko thinks that Middleton would choose a wedding gown "with a bit of a kick to it." He believes that the fashion-forward
Middleton, who has worked for English clothing company Jigsaw, "would be a bit experimental and just go for something quite
fashion-forward with an element of tradition. I don't think it would be the big massive long train like Diana. I think that it had its
time and place."

Niemierko imagines that Middleton would choose a romantic, modern gown from an English bridal designer like Bruce Oldfield.

Prince William proposes with the late Princess Diana's engagement ring.

Kirsty Wigglesworth, AP
Keeping the royal jewels all in the family, William proposed to longtime girlfriend Miss Catherine "Kate" Middleton with the same
platinum and 18-carat blue-sapphire diamond engagement ring that his father, Prince Charles, gave to his mother in February
1981.This ring was originally set in platinum it looks as beautiful today as it did years ago, and as it will for generations.

Royal Weddings of the House of Windsor: Queen Victoria to Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding will be the latest British royal wedding from the House of Windsor
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The Royal Couple's COLOR CODING DNA®
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