“What would an individual or subject look like if they
were represented by a color or a series of colors?”

We know what people look like in human form, on MRIs and brain scans,
but what would they look like if they were represented by color?

To answer this question, Greg Herzog created a Quantum Reaction Theory using a
geometric mathematical equation, where X# of points represent the makeup of a subject and
each degree of expression within the context of each point is color coded and weighted

Below is Steve Jobs' COLOR CODING DNA®
key for the colors used in the Steve Jobs Movie Painting above.
2015 Steve Jobs Movie Painting by Greg Herzog
The first contemporary abstract painting of Steve Jobs COLOR CODING DNA.®

Harmony &


Careful &
Steve Jobs' Movie Painting 2015  
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Brilliance and

"Lt Blue"

Steve Jobs Tribute Painting 2011



If Steve Jobs was a color or series of colors, what would he be and what would it look like?

Steve Jobs was a multi talented, multi layered personality. Even the people closest to him that thought they knew him in some ways
feel like they didn’t know him. It is not their fault; he was a very complex man. On one hand he is incredibly sensitive, loving and
compassionate and on another hand ferocious. How does one make sense of it?

Greg Herzog has attempted just that, through his trademarked method COLOR CODING DNA® with his Quantum Reaction algorithm,
based on a geometric mathematical equation; where X # of points represent the makeup the subject: Mr. Jobs where each degree of
expression within the context of each point is color coded and weighted accordingly.

VIOLET : Sensitive
Steve was known for his uniqueness, talent, artistic merit, emotions, practicality, dreaming, idealism, pride, loyalty, compassion, and
imagination. Because he had a unique angle on the world that others just didn't see, he was also known as: hyper-sensitive, moody,
secretive, impatient, stubborn, aloof, cold and quarrelsome.

RED : Represents High-spirited and Courageous
Steve is not known for restraint, both impulsive and enthusiastic, if an idea strikes him, he was the first on the bandwagon to make it
reality, without stopping to think about any obstacles that may be in the way. Spontaneous and determined, he let his heart rule his
head. Optimistic, and impatient, he lived for the moment, forgetting all else. He didn’t like to take no for an answer. Steve had the
self-confidence to put himself out there and he wanted to make a strong impression. He took everything personally. He didn’t take
any time to consider the consequences of his actions.

LIGHT BLUE : Very Opinionated
He always preferred to explore the more outlandish and far reaching ideas. Jobs liked to break the rules when expressing himself; he
loved controversy and chaos, and had little respect for tradition. Intuitive by nature he could always judge a person's character very

GREEN : Careful and Cautious
Soulful, Steve had a shrewd eye for good partnerships to build things to last, with an eye on leaving a lasting legacy.

Red : Brilliance, Energy
Steve Jobs got restless if life got predictable. He liked new, fresh ideas and got terribly irritated when people beat about the bush and
were slow to act. He could be rude and impatient; but you always knew where you stood with him. He could be demanding
emotionally, as compromise was not his strong suit. Independent and self-assertive, with lots of physical energy, and never satisfied
unless he could be the first to do something, was they way he liked it.

INDIGO : Imaginative, Sympathetic
His childhood experiences of love and emotional dependability set the tone for his emotional growth and stability as an adult.

BLACK : Psychological
Jobs was Passionate and intense. Impatient, Steve demanded a lot from himself and from those around him. He could be so intense
that it could be overwhelming to those who were not as directed as he was. Full of willpower and energy, he was so determined to
meet his goals, that it was hard for him to remain calm. When hurt, he could be unforgiving, he didn't like to be treated unfairly.  He
had tremendous fears of emotional rejection and being inadequate.

INDIGO : Psychic
Steve strived to be free from the entanglement of emotional bonds.

WHITE: Harmony and Balance
It was hard for him to relax and have faith that everything would turn out okay in the end.

YELLOW: Magnanimous
Steve thought he knew what was best for everyone concerned, and he was right. He longed to be appreciated for his efforts, and how
he certainly was.
We will forever miss you Steve Jobs. You will never be replaced.
Steve Job's 2015 MOVIE
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